Become a successful woman.
Make your femininity a value
"Women are not born, but made"

Work from TO BE, helping you to discover. Modify false beliefs and maladaptive schemas. Incorporate new patterns of behavior. Find alternatives to achieve your dreams and goals. Empower your energy. An energetic person who loves does what she does, fully realizes herself.
In "Realize Women Coaching" are aware that men and women live differently so satisfying their needs is not the same.
Understanding through which steps a woman lives and identify those limitations and obstacles that in their way by the fact of being, is one of the key to success in a coaching process


-Coaching Sessions for Women
-Workshops for Personal Development

We work on  aspects such as:

>Women and Professional Development
>Women and Motherhood
>Women and Family Life
>Women and Starting a new life
>Women and Sexuality
>Woman and Maturing into old age 

We offer a specialized service for women, who want to become winners and owners of them own life.


Individual Sessions and Group



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